Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There Be Pirates!

Her Ladyship, Captain Linda, has arranged some spine-tingling, heart-chillin, swash-bucklin fun for ye.

Set yer sails for 500 E. 2nd Street in Homer on Friday, December 28th.

We'se be expectin ye to be here by 10:00 bells and ye can go back to yer lovely mums around noon.

We'll turn ye into a pirate before we're done or my name ain't Captain Linda!

Shiver me timbers, I forgot to tell ya, don't be late or you'll walk the plank for sure!

Remember - all young pirates are welcome to come even if ye don't live in Homer or have a library card. And if any of ye land-lubbin adults would have some time to spare that day, we'll be puttin ya right to work on one of these pirate activities. Call the library if ye think ye can help! 896-2121