Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Have you seen the winning bookmarks that the school children made? All the entries are on display in the hallway outside the library or inside on the table. The winning bookmarks are available in the library to anyone who wants them. Help yourself to one or more.

Have you been in the library lately? If you have, you’ve seen that we are hard at work preparing for the move. Everything on, under or beside the sale table is still only one nickel each. That includes videos and music CDs. Help yourself to a bargain.

Is there an Illinois Veteran in your family? The State of Illinois is sponsoring an Illinois Veterans’ Project, to honor veterans and save the history of their service in the military. Participation forms can be picked up at the library.

The newest DVDs are Superman Returns and Ice Age: The Meltdown. Our new books are Ricochet by Sandra Brown, Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris, The Bancroft Strategy by Robert Ludlum, Wildfire by Nelson DeMille, Coach Tex Winter: Triangle Basketball by Ann Parr, Whispers of Winter by Tracie Peterson, Glad Tidings by Debbie Macomber, Ready for Love by Debbie Macomber, and A Woman’s Place by Lynn Austin.

Also new are two employees, Brenda Stineman and Marnie Hess. Marnie has extensive library experience and will be here on a regular basis, and Brenda will fill in as needed. Holly Humphrey has moved on to other activities. If you see her, please wish her well and thank her for her service here.

It is not too late to register your interests in non-fiction audio books. We have not ordered them yet. Pick up a survey form in the library, or go to our blog to get the url of the survey. It is two parts on the internet. Thanks to all who have participated so far. Our blog can be found at

Friday, December 01, 2006


What’s new in the Homer Library today? The winning bookmarks have been printed out and are in the library on display, and they are available for use in marking your place in the book you are reading. All bookmark contest entries are on display on the wall outside the library. Take a minute and enjoy the creativity of our young people.

If you come in the library, you will see that we have been very busy getting ready for the move. We may be moving late this month, or early next month, weather permitting. Meanwhile, we are making plans for the furnishing of the new library.

The book/video sale continues. Everything on and under the sale table is five cents, one nickel. What a bargain!