Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magazines at Your Local Library

It seems strange to me (Librarian's personal editorial here) that we have subscriptions to about 20 different magazines which rarely get checked out BUT I know there are a number of people in the community who would like to read these magazines. Is the problem in getting the word out? Do people just not know what we have available? Do they not think to see if their local library has a subscription to a magazine before they subscribe themselves? Or, do people just like to read magazines in the bathtub and get the pages all wet and wrinkly so they don't want to do that to a borrowed copy?

I can't really help with that last one, but... In the attempt to get the word out, I am listing the magazines that we currently have a subscription for. We also receive several free serials so comes check out what we have!

Better Homes and Gardens.
Tips & Tricks Video Game Codebook.
Consumer Reports.
Country Living.
Disney FamilyFun.
Good Housekeeping.
THE Journal : Transforming education through technology.
Motor Trend.
National Geographic.
The Reader's Digest.
Website Magazine.

We keep approximately a year's worth of magazines available to check out. We also get the two local newspapers, "The Leader" and "The Southern Champaign County TODAY". We also keep about a year's worth of back issues for these.

We also offer a magazine trade-in area. People bring in the magazines they are finished reading and other people can take them home and read them. This is a great way to 'try out' a magazine before you commit to a subscription or to see what other magazines are around. This is also where our "old' magazines go so it is a great place to pick up magazines for kids' cut-and-paste school projects!