Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home again

Obviously it's been awhile since I last posted. Life happened. The kids were sick. We got sick. We hiked. We went to the zoo and the Children's Museum. We celebrated a birthday - Gracie's 5th. We got better. We flew home. Back to work now. Would we do it again?? In a heart beat!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Stinking dead skunk is still by the side of the road.

Took the kids to the Children's Museum yesterday - Bob the Builder exhibit. Cousins and church friends were there, too.

Today is piano practice and final lesson before recital tomorrow night.

Youngest grandkid calls Dan, "Daddy" or "Papa." Doesn't call me anything. Has a huge temper and throws himself backwards when not happy. Grandpa Dan is a huge help with baby issues, such as changing poopy diapers.

Weather is perfect today. Gotta get out.

Sunday the parents return. They've been to Nashville TN and Greenville, SC. We'll all be glad to see them return!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time Change

At home we are up before 6 on workdays. Daughter and her family sleep in until 8 or so. Here, I have time to myself before bedlam starts.

Toddler calls his grandfather, "Daddy." Son used to call all men "daddy." Favorite phrase - where are you?

Saw a west coast jay. It is a darker blue than midwestern blue jay.

Rain today. Indoor noise level forecast - high. The grass is a bright spring green. Kids antsy. Jan gets them for the afternoon. Total of 7 cousins, 4 are my daughters. Bless you, Jan.


We went to the zoo. Saw native creatures that I don't want to meet in the wild, like cougars, and black bears but I know they are around. One girl not feeling well. Jan has offered to keep all the grandkids today to give us a respite.

Older boy is a great help. He knows the what, where and how of things around the house that we need to know. Older girl not feeling well. Hope Motrin will help her feel better. She doesn't cope well with being sick - a normal reaction.

Toddler misses parents, but too young to verbalize or understand why they are gone, or that they will return. Younger girl doing fine. Sticks to Grammie (that's me!!)

A dead skunk by the roadside. Everytime we go by, we have a discussion about black and white kitty kats.

Older two are practicing for piano recital on Saturday. One is diligent, the other not. He might prefer playing the trumpet.

We're slowly getting used to the routine - no big problems yesterday- but it is a full time job for two people. A new appreciation for our daughter, who is relaxing in Nashville while hubby is at convention.

Typical Oregon weather - cloudy, cool, could rain.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Daughter called - going with hubby to Nashville - annual convention. Great. We can drive down and spend some time with her.

Daughter called - no one to stay with the kids. Can we help?

Arrangements made - off we go

They leave - I need to get the breadmaker going for Sunday dinner. Think it's not working right. No time to grind and fix coffee. Should have gotten up much sooner.

Only slightly late for church. Had trouble staying awake. Glad we sat near the back.

Back home - breadmaker didn't work right - more on that later. Called daughter for the 2nd time. She had no idea of the problem.

With much effort got the meal on the table. WITH coffee!! Got the meal cleaned up.

Found loaf of homemade bread in the frig. Cut into it - found the missing thingy that mixes the ingredients. I wasn't losing my mind after all.

No evening service = business meeting.


We'll go to the zoo! We load up, and stop at favorite lunch spot. Already it's mid afternoon. Had a great meal. But forgot the diaper bag. Can't go without that. Now too late for the zoo, we head home. We'll go tomrrow.

Two year old took nap. Find him with no diaper on. Now we make sure he wears something to bed that he can't take off.


It's raining. Maybe the Children's Museum. Grandbaby kept diaper on all night. During earlier visit, thought grandson to be very happy guy. This trip, learned how strongwilled he is. And strong.