Saturday, January 31, 2009


If you are in the village hall on a weekday morning, you will see library people hard at work. We are putting our catalog onto a website. Hundreds if not thousands have already been cataloged. Hundreds are waiting to be cataloged. The end result will benefit both our members and our librarians.

On January 30, thirty children and their parents enjoyed a program on Egypt. They got to smell some of the aromatics that are part of Egyptian culture. They heard a story of an ancient Egyptian, and the challenges and danger he faced in pursuit of the lady he loved. The children discovered how life was lived and how death was treated. They learned big words, such as mummification and hieroglyphic writing. The presenter from the Spurlock Museum also displayed artifacts.

The next event will be Reading is Fundamental, when each child in the Homer Grade School, grades K through four, gets to pick out and keep a new book . We look forward to providing this opportunity for the children.

Our new adult fiction includes Train Your Brain by Ryut Kawashima, The Associate by John Grisham, and Mounting Fears by Stuart Woods.

Friday, January 23, 2009

et tu, Brutus?

CHANGES At the Homer Library

It seems that change is a constant right now in the Homer Library. We are hard at work building our catalog onto a website.

Meanwhile, since the Berean Bookstore in Champaign is closing, we took advantage of that and bought a collection of Christian fiction and other books at a discount. Look for books by Lynn Austin, Gilbert Morris, a biography of Ben Carson, and one of Michael Reagan. We have a new Veggie Tales DVD, The Pirates Who Don’t Do anything. and two other DVDs for young people, Hermie the Common Caterpillar, and The Ballard of Little Joe.

Brutus has been here! He had his photograph taken with two young people from Homer. Who or what is Brutus? Ask a librarian to show you little Miss and Mister April. Who or what is Brutus? You will have to come into the library to find out.